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Countertop Gravity Water System with Flouride Filter
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Countertop Gravity Water System with Flouride Filter

Countertop Gravity Water System with Flouride Filter

C$219.00 Excl. tax

Designed To Remove Contaminants + Remineralize Your Drinking Water. Read more.

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Product Description

Crafted for performance, the Gravity Water System gives you the highest quality filtration, which delivers an incredible taste. Santevia’s Gravity Water System creates clean, mineralized alkaline water, optimized for your health.

Recreate nature's water. With multi-stage long contact filtration, the Gravity Water System creates naturally clean, mineralized, and alkaline water ­to invigorate your body.

  • First set of filters included
  • Filters Fluoride, Lead, Chlorine and other contaminants
  • Adds Calcium, Magnesium and Trace Minerals
  • Raises the pH level by up to +2.0
  • Makes water taste fresh and delicious
  • Replaces 2,920 plastic bottles of water for every year in use
  • Buy 1 Gravity Water System and give 100 days of clean drinking water to communities living in water poverty

DIMENSIONS:  31cm L x 31cm W x 60cm H / 12" L x 12" W x 24" H

CAPACITY:  10L / 2.6gal

MATERIAL:  BPA + BPS free SAN plastic


  • White base and tap for use on counter
  • Ceramic Pre-filter - lasts up to 1 year
  • Fluoride Filter - lasts approx. 4 months (1,200L or 317gal)
  • Mineral Stones - lasts up to 2 years

HOW IT WORKS:  Multi-Stage Filtration + Mineralization System

  1. Ceramic Pre-filter
    • Long contact filtration
    • 0.3 Micron pore size filters rust, sediment + microplastics
  2. Flouride Filter
    • NSF-Certified Activated Alumina filters fluoride
    • KDF reduces heavy metals, prevents bacterial growth
    • NSF-Certified Granular Activated Coconut Carbon filters chlorine + contaminants
    • Mineral Stone Balls add essential minerals
    • pH Mineral Balls restore alkalinity
    • Natural Silica Sand improves taste
  3. Mineral Stones
    • Raises pH by +2.0
    • Continually releases calcium, magnesium + other trace minerals to maintain the alkalinity of water
    • Formulated to be delicious, this balanced blend of minerals delivers a delicate smooth taste

HOW TO PREPARE FOR USE:  Before using your Gravity Water System for the first time please do the following:

  • Ceramic Pre-filter
    1. Soak in cool water for ten minutes.
    2. Using the included grey scrub pad (or equivalent), scrub the top of the Ceramic Pre-filter using moderate pressure. You are removing a thin layer of ceramic material, this is normal and by design.
  • Fluoride Filter
    1. Run water through the top of the filter until the water runs clear out the bottom.
    2. Shake the filter while running water through it. The purpose of this step is to remove any excess Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) pieces. Place a white surface (e.g. a plate) in the sink under the filter. This will let you more easily see the black GAC pieces.
  • Mineral Stones:
    1. Rinse the Mineral Stones.
    2. Boil the Mineral Stones for 1 - 2 minutes, then let air dry.


  • Weekly:

    • Ceramic Pre-Filter - When the Ceramic Pre-filter is noticeably dirty or running slow, scrub the surface of the Pre-Filter with the grey sponge included in the box or another clean fine-textured sponge. Rinse under running tap water. This may be once a week or as needed. Some water sources have more sediment so more frequent cleaning may be required. The colour of a dirty Ceramic Pre-Filter depends on the quality of the source water. Do not use soap or detergent.

  • 4-6 Months: We recommend routine cleaning of the entire system each time you change the Fluoride Filter or your 5-stage Filter (every 4-6 months).

    • Full System - Drain and disassemble the system. Use a cleaning solution made of 5 mL (1 tsp) natural bleach to 1L (4 cups) of water. Wash all plastic parts in cleaning solution. Rinse with clean tap water. Do not use cleaning solution for the Ceramic Pre-Filter and 5-Stage Filter.

    • Flouride / 5-Stage Filter - Replace.

    • Mineral Stones - Transfer stones into a pot. Boil stones for at least 1 minute to sanitize and condition. Drain the stones and lay out on a clean paper towel or towel to cool. Place stones into the bottom tank.

    • Tap - Take apart the tap and soak in cleaning solution while you prepare the filters. Dirt or caked sediment can be removed with a paper towel or cotton swab dipped in vinegar. Rinse with clean tap water. Dry all parts with clean paper towel. Re-assemble and re-install the tap.


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Any questions about this product?
Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with us [email protected] or 780 498 1900. We're happy to help!
Any questions about this product?
Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with us [email protected] or 780 498 1900. We're happy to help!

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