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Green Paint Colours

If you’re looking to bring life to your space, there’s one colour that always flourishes. Green paint is a lush and uplifting choice for every room of the house. And, with Farrow & Ball's palette of verdant shades from rich forest green to delicate sage, being green is easier than ever.

Choosing Your Green Paint Colour

Without doubt, green promotes a sense of well-being and reflects the balanced feeling of nature, which is perhaps why we have welcomed green into our homes with unsurpassed relish recently. Green rooms retain an essence of life unmatched by any other colour and make us feel secure.

Traditional Greens
Fabulously uncomplicated Beverly and the deep forest green of soothing Studio Green both look greener in bright daylight and more conservative in lower light. Although chosen for contemporary homes, along with rich Calke Green and weathered Green Smoke, they have a traditional flavour that evokes a feeling of calm and serenity. 

Comfortable Greens
If you have a taste for the comfortable style of the English country house, then look no further than Lichen and Vert de Terre, which create flexible and restful rooms that are the perfect backdrop to shabby chic furniture and well-loved fabrics.

Relaxed Greens
Equally tranquil and muted, the combination of French Gray with lighter Eddy and darker Treron are really much more green than grey, but characterfully flit between the two, depending on the light and time of day. This new family, all of which can be layered in one space, could not be more relaxed and is perfect for rooms that you would like to connect to the garden.

Sophisticated Greens
For a more sophisticated look, Ball Green, an old distemper colour, has a magical quality, appearing almost silver in candlelight, which makes it perfect for dining rooms, as is the darker but equally smoky Card Room Green. 

Vital greens like Yeabridge Green are lush and uplifting. Together with cheerful Breakfast Room Green and Whirlybird, it is associated with health and good luck, which creates a happy family atmosphere. Rooms painted in these colours can’t fail to bring cheer, and none more so than stimulating but dangerous- sounding Arsenic! 

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