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About Us

Carbon Environmental Boutique is a place where the well-being of people and the planet are equally important. Since 2009, we have thoughtfully partnered with brands + makers that share our ethos and embrace our mission to provide clean + Eco-conscious alternatives to conventionally produced goods. Our carefully curated collection of green health + beauty products, sustainable lifestyle options and purposeful home improvement items ensure toxin-free peace of mind and healthy living for all.

At Carbon we believe true sustainability starts right at the beginning of a product's life-cycle. How materials + ingredients are sourced, the working conditions in which the goods are produced, the packaging and the end of life process are just as important to us as the purpose and effectiveness of the item itself. We spend a lot of time researching and inquiring about products and the materials + ingredients that they are composed of to be sure we are keeping the toxins out and the fair trade and cruelty free goodness in.

Our passion is clean, healthy, purposeful living and we strive to make products available that people can feel as good about using and sharing as the proud makers who crafted them. We are constantly growing our wonderful collection - every item we stock has a story, a purpose, a mission and helps lessen the harmful impacts to our environment.

Let us help you to use a little less, reuse a bit more, refill when you can, recycle more often, and reduce harmful waste.

Thank you dearly for taking the time to visit!

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