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Primers & Undercoats

Farrow & Ball's Primers & Undercoats are formulated with each of their colours and finishes in mind, using the same high-quality ingredients and eco-friendly water bases as their paint. Designed to help you achieve a beautiful, durable result no matter the surface, there’s a tone and formula for every kind of project.

The Benefits


Primers & Undercoats are available in up to four tones:

  • White & Light Tones
  • Mid Tones
  • Red & Warm Tones
  • Dark Tones

Each one is made with a careful balance of pigments, and between them they bring out the best in Farrow & Ball's entire palette of colours, adding richness and depth for that signature Farrow & Ball look.


Because they begin with the same rich pigments and water base as their paints, Farrow & Ball's Primers & Undercoats help your chosen colour to adhere effortlessly to the surface you’re painting, giving you a smooth, even finish and unrivalled coverage.


A little of Farrow & Ball's richly pigmented paint goes a long way when you use Primer & Undercoat – as well as aiding coverage and adhesion, it also gives a longer-lasting finish than paint alone, meaning you won’t have to redecorate as often.

Using Primer & Undercoat

We recommend using Farrow & Ball Primer & Undercoat wherever you’re using a Farrow & Ball topcoat. Not only is it specially formulated to bring out the very best in their paint, but keeping to the same brand for your priming and painting products will help to avoid any incompatibility issues.

For the best finish, we recommend following the Farrow & Ball system:

  • One coat of our Primer & Undercoat in the recommended tone (this can be found on the back of your colour card, or on the product page for your chosen topcoat colour)
  • Two coats of your chosen paint colour


Which Primer & Undercoat?

Whether indoors or outdoors, wall or floor, wood or metal, there’s a product in our range to help your project go more smoothly. To find the correct tone of Primer & Undercoat for your chosen paint colour, see its product page or the back of your colour card.

Wall & Ceiling Primer & Undercoat

For use on interior walls and ceilings, including repaired walls. Available in all four tones.

Wood Primer & Undercoat

Suitable for both interior and exterior bare or previously painted wood, including floorboards and knots. Available in all four tones.

Metal Primer & Undercoat

For use on metal surfaces when using Full Gloss or Exterior Eggshell. Can be used on gates, railings, hot water filled radiators, garden furniture and metal downpipes to inhibit rust. Available in all four tones.

Masonry & Plaster Stabilising Primer

For use on interior and exterior walls and interior concrete floors to seal and stabilise porous, chalky and unsound surfaces. Not for use on fresh concrete. White coloured, dries clear.

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