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BBQ Grill Oil
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BBQ Grill Oil
Caron & Doucet

BBQ Grill Oil

C$18.00 Excl. tax

A BBQ grill cleaner that is 100% natural, non-toxic and effective. Read more.

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Product Description

100% Plant-Based BBQ Grill Cleaning Oil formulated to remove food and naturally clean and degrease BBQ grill grates and to clean stainless steel. Unlike most solutions available on the market today which are made up of a concoction of corrosive and toxic chemicals that have no place being around food, this one is 100% natural and safe for your family.

Partner with the Stainless Steel Polish for the Ultimate Stainless Grill Cleaning Combo.

Cleans + Seasons BBQ Formulated to remove accumulated grease and residue to improve food flavor, while preventing food from sticking. Leaves your BBQ clean for the next time you use it while building up the natural seasoning on the grill grate.

Fortified With Coconut Oil Unlike canola oil, hemp seed or other types of common cooking oils, this cast iron scrub will not go rancid. The result is a long lasting seasoning that will not start to smell bad over time.

Enhanced With Essential OilsA light scented grill cleaner made with a proprietary blend of natural citrus essential oils selected for their properties as an effective natural degreaser and deodorizing agent

IDEAL FOR:  BBQ grills and accessories, cast iron grills, cooking grills, charcoal grills, smokers, camper grills and barbeques. A great gift idea for dad, chefs and cooks. 

SIZE:  236ml / 8oz spray bottle

INGREDIENTS:  Refined coconut oil, proprietary blend of pure essential oils.  

Free of sulfates, phosphates, parabens + petrochemicals. Vegan. Non-GMO. Gluten-Free. Cruelty-Free.

HOW TO ENJOY:  Apply after cooking while BBQ is still warm ensuring all flames and coals have been extinguished. Remove large loose food particles with an abrasive brush or wooden scraper. Spray on BBQ oil and rub with brush. Use an adequate amount of oil to remove all food residue while leaving a thin protective coating that will protect grills from moisture damage. When cooking, it is normal for any leftover oil to smoke off prior to the grill reaching max temperature, wait until the grill stops smoking before putting food on the grill.

END OF LIFE:  Clean empty bottle for recycle, recycle spray topper where facilities exist.

Ethically crafted in Canada.


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Any questions about this product?
Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with us [email protected] or 780 498 1900. We're happy to help!
Any questions about this product?
Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with us [email protected] or 780 498 1900. We're happy to help!

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Caron & Doucet BBQ Grill Oil
BBQ Grill Oil
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