Join us Thursday, November 30 from 4-8pm for a Relaxed Evening To Explore + Shop Our Boutique With Intention. Local creator of the Nourishing Skin Yum Lotion Bars will be offering free hand massages and sharing just what makes her bars so special.

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A Clean, Forest Green. More
A Clean, Forest Green.
C$8.50 C$8.50
A Rich, Dark Blue. More
A Rich, Dark Blue.
C$8.50 C$8.50
A Warm, Welcoming Pink. More
A Warm, Welcoming Pink.
C$8.50 C$8.50
The Lightest, Most Delicate Pink. More
The Lightest, Most Delicate Pink.
C$8.50 C$8.50
A Laid-Back Blue. More
A Laid-Back Blue.
C$8.50 C$8.50
A Clean, Cool Blue. More
A Clean, Cool Blue.
C$8.50 C$8.50
A Classic Charcoal. More
A Classic Charcoal.
C$8.50 C$8.50
A Spirited, Flame Red. More
A Spirited, Flame Red.
C$8.50 C$8.50
A Calm, Soft Green. More
A Calm, Soft Green.
C$8.50 C$8.50
A Lively Green. More
A Lively Green.
C$8.50 C$8.50
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