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Calming + Toning Facial Mist
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Calming + Toning Facial Mist
Skin Essence Organics

Calming + Toning Facial Mist

C$29.00 Excl. tax

A calming and naturally soothing facial mist uniquely formulated to balance pH, nourish, rejuvenate, and delicately tone the skin. Read more.

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Product Description

When paired with a Skin Essence facial moisturizers, this organic mist provides the ideal moisture and nourishment that can be applied throughout the day and at night, for a healthy finish.


  • Subtle and naturally calming aroma of Geranium and Cucumber
  • Vitamin rich formula
  • Rich in antioxidants to maintain a youthful and healthy complexion
  • Calms and naturally tones the skin
  • Infused with naturally clarifying and soothing botanical extracts
  • A gentle alcohol-free formulation
  • Light hydrator and gentle toner
This delicate blend of organic botanical ingredients has been thoughtfully formulated to offer brilliant calming and soothing properties. (Non-comedogenic)
  • Rose Geranium Hydrosol - offers excellent soothing and calming benefits and is loved for its beautiful aroma and natural skin balancing properties
  • Calendula Hydrosol - naturally contains excellent healing and anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for calming and soothing the skin. Also known to stimulate the production of collagen, improving the skin's natural elasticity.
  • Witch Hazel Distillate - produced from the leaves and bark of the Witch Hazel shrub, this distilled extract is a natural astringent making it a wonderful ingredient for use in organic preparations.
  • Lemon Balm Hydrosol - has a naturally relaxing aroma and is well known and respected for its calming and soothing properties for the skin.
  • Cucumber Hydrosol - naturally offers excellent hydration making it an ideal choice for calming, soothing and gently hydrating the skin.
  • Vegetable Glycerin - has strong moisture retention properties that are vital for the skin to remain fresh, youthful and healthy, The naturally gentle anti-inflammatory properties soothe the skin and will not irritate it.
RECOMMENDED FOR:  All skin types including those with dry, sensitive, irritated or rosacea-prone skin.

SIZE:  60ml / 2oz amber glass mist bottle

INGREDIENTS:  *Rose Geranium Hydrosol, *Calendula Hydrosol, *Witch Hazel Distillate, *Lemon Balm Hydrosol, *Cucumber Hydrosol, *Vegetable glycerin

*Certified Organic Ingredient.

Cruelty free. Non-GMO. Gluten free. Fair Trade. Vegan.
HOW TO ENJOY:  Always shake well before applying, so that all of the key ingredients are present in each application. Enjoy this facial mist as desired throughout the day to help tone, hydrate, and refresh the skin.
  • Application Tip #1 – For maximum nourishment Mist skin with 3-7 full sprays and follow with the facial moisturizer of your choice while skin is still damp.
  • Application Tip #2 – For a lighter nourishment Blend 2-3 full sprays in the palm of your hand with the facial moisturizer of your choice. This blend will help make oil-based moisturizers lighter on the skin and will help the oils in our moisturizers to spread easily and evenly around the face.
  • Application Tip #3 – Use with Mineral Masks by adding in a few sprays of the facial mist when mixing the Facial In A Jar (exfoliant) and Nurture (mineral mask) to infuse more botanical ingredients and benefits to the mixture and enjoy a beautiful uplifting natural aroma.

For optimum freshness, use within 3 months of opening.

END OF LIFE:  Clean and separate glass bottle and spray top for recycle or repurpose.

Ethically crafted in Canada.


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Any questions about this product?
Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with us [email protected] or 780 498 1900. We're happy to help!
Any questions about this product?
Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with us [email protected] or 780 498 1900. We're happy to help!

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