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Ancona Blue - No. 9805
C$126.00 Excl. tax
Ancona Blue - No. 9805
Farrow & Ball

Ancona Blue - No. 9805

C$126.00 Excl. tax

A duck-egg blue. Read more.

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Product Description

Everyone has a different interpretation of duck-egg blue – this is Farrow & Ball's, inspired by the delicately coloured eggs of the Ancona duck.

This product is archived and samples are not available. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint. 

Complementary White

School House White No. 291 - Pared back, timeless and familiar without the cool undertones of the more contemporary neutral groups.

Every colour in the Farrow & Ball palette is paired with a specific shade of white, these are selected to celebrate a shared undertone and create harmonious spaces alongside your chosen colour.

Recommended Primer & Undercoat

Dark Tones - When it comes to using dark colours, the deeper the better. So, for an irresistibly inviting finished look, pair darker shades with the Dark Tones Primer & Undercoat. Based on the colour of Down Pipe, combining this primer with your topcoat creates an unrivaled richness and makes quite the statement.

Made with the same natural ingredients and pigments as their topcoats, the Primer & Undercoat is the crucial foundation for creating a rich, even and longer lasting finish.

Key Features

The finest ingredients

Farrow & Ball is dedicated to perfecting the art of paint. At their home in Dorset, they combine the finest ingredients, 75 years of experience and technical precision to help you create beautiful spaces that stay beautiful. Even in their colour rich paints, less than 8% of the tin is the colour. The other 92% is what creates the quality, depth and extraordinary response to light that transforms your home.

They use twelve exclusive pigments, all specifically selected for their colour intensity. F&B takes colour seriously, so naturally, they only accept the very best. By using these same pigments to make every colour in their palette, all of their shades combine effortlessly, making it easy for you to put together a cohesive colour scheme.

Deeper, richer colours

Packed with pigment for an extraordinary response to every kind of light.

F&B adds generous helpings of rich pigment to create their signature look – deep colours with complex undertones. The same space that feels bright and airy in morning sun, can feel cozy and intimate by evening. Their teams design each shade under every kind of light, so it will be perfectly balanced in every setting.

Extraordinary response to light

F&B spends months carefully crafting and testing each of their paint colours to make sure they share their signature extraordinary response to light. This beautiful reaction to changing light, like bringing out different undertones or shifting intensity, is what makes their paint so special.

Interior and exterior finishes

From walls, floors and furniture to radiators, skirtings and sheds, F&B's range of paint finishes can help you transform almost any surface in your home (and outside it, too).

They even have multi-surface finishes like Dead Flat and Full Gloss, so you can tackle walls, woodwork and metal at the same time. 

Their comprehensive range is comprised of paint finishes that not only look beautiful, but offer different practical benefits. Designed for a variety of different surfaces, each finish is compatible with their high-performance Primers & Undercoats to ensure exceptional coverage, adhesion and depth of colour. 

Find Your Perfect Finish:

Dead Flat - F&B's most matt finish with added toughness, take multi-surface Dead Flat across your walls, woodwork and metal to surround yourself in signature Farrow & Ball colour. The new formulation is washable, wipeable and scuff resistant, making it ideal for hallways, living rooms and playrooms.

Modern Emulsion - Looking to transform your kitchen or bathroom? Or simply after a durable matt finish with the tiniest hint of sheen? Modern Emulsion is the one for you. A washable, wipeable wonder, this finish is scuff-proof and protected against mould, suitable for interior walls and ceilings. 

Estate Emulsion - A true classic, Estate Emulsion is a chalky finish for interior walls and ceilings in low-traffic areas. Its distinctive matt finish minimizes imperfections and brings added depth to our rich colours.

Modern Eggshell - F&B's toughest interior finish, adding colour and protection to wood, metal, and concrete surfaces. This ultra-durable eggshell is even tough enough for floors, and can be used throughout the home on skirting, doors, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and radiators.

Estate Eggshell - A washable, water based finish for interior wood and metal. Bring an understated elegance to your trim and furniture with this soft, low-shine finish for a classic way of decorating. 

Full Gloss - For a touch of drama, super high-shine Full Gloss can be used to make a statement indoors on feature walls, woodwork and ceilings, or outside for glamorous front doors and metalwork. 

Exterior Eggshell - From front doors and fences to pergolas and planters, Exterior Eggshell adds transformative colour to outdoor wood and metal. Staying flexible even when dry and with preservatives to prevent the growth of algae and fungi, this finish keeps your great outdoors looking great in all weathers.

Exterior Masonry - Creates colourful curb appeal with a matt, protective layer for exterior brick and render. The long-lasting and water-resistant formula protects walls, while at the same time offering the highest level of permeability to let them breathe.

Learn more about choosing your perfect finish here.



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Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with us [email protected] or 780 498 1900. We're happy to help!
Any questions about this product?
Or do you need any help ordering? Feel free to get in touch with us [email protected] or 780 498 1900. We're happy to help!



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