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catfish coffee beans (16oz)

catfish coffee beans (16oz)

By catfish coffee

Taste your way around the world with some unique blends from catfish coffee roasters. Catfish believes the quest for the perfect cup is about giving yourself the opportunity to experiment and expose your palate to different flavours and roasts! Here are just a few of the blends that carbon brings in! But if you don’t see your favourite here online don’t be disheartened, call us we might actually have it!

16 oz prices vary from $16.50 - 18.50

Sunny Side Up!
Light roasted Costa Rica. Catfish Coffee has carried this coffee from day one, but only recently listed it as having a single origin. The grower is non-registered but completely organic with one of the best quality beans Catfish has ever roasted.
Brew Ha Ha
A combo of Catfish’s favourite Central and South Americans beans, on the lighter side but chock full of caffeine goodness and with plenty of levels! Caution should be taken when consuming after 2pm as this one can be referred to as "diner" coffee due to the presence of the Columbian beans! Blend Type: Breakfast Blend
Café A Go Go
A mingling of medium Guatemalan and Dark Sumatran gives this great coffee its ability to carry dairy and complement any meal or desert. It is usually suggested as a house blend or as a gift. Blend Type: House Blend
El Camino Espresso
Take a seat and test drive our El Camino Espresso from the comfort of your kitchen table. Close your eyes and feel the wind in your hair and the road under your feet. A smooth ride from start to finish, offering a blend of our finest coffee beans roasted and customized for espresso perfection.
Whisker Twister
This is truly the Darkest of the darks; this catfish roast is from the Sumatra bean. Earthy, composite, mushroom and full of flavour that will twist your whiskers! One of Catfish’s all-time best selling coffees!

Bali Blue Morning
A definite unique medium coffee infused with citrus, sweet and tart tones. It is grown under the shade of an orchard of orange and tangerine trees without any outside influences or processes.
Husker Du Peru
Dark roast that appeals to ALL coffee drinkers. The soft soil in Peru provides this bean with its delicately smooth floral and fruity essence. Leaves you wanting more! (Only available September to May.)
Husker Don’t Peru (Decaf)
You gotta love Peru. The same floral and fruity tones from Husker Du darkly roasted to infuse that great roast taste and naturally decaffeinated with the catfish salt water process. Guaranteed to fool the snobbiest of non-decaf drinkers!
Sucker Punch
Very popular with all dark roast drinkers, a deep Brazilian roast.
Red Sea
Blend of wild grown Yemen and Ethiopian beans roasted to an amazingly smooth dark perfection. Much sought after but we only get to see this one maybe twice to three times a year in very limited proportions.


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