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compostio C40 composter

compostio C40 composter

By naturemill composters

Food decomposes by itself in nature.  However, it is one of the largest components in landfills, accounting for nearly 50% of all municipal solid waste.  There is more food in landfills than diapers, styrofoam, and tires — combined.

The Compostio composter is an automatic, in-home composter. Composting has truly never been easier! Just follow Naturemill’s 3 easy steps:
Step 1 - add vegetables, coffee grounds, even dairy, meat and fish!
Step 2 - Compostio does the rest! The upper chamber mixes, heats and aerates. Compost later transfers to the lower chamber so that you can add fresh items.
Step 3 - Remove compost fertilizer. Empty every 2 weeks, when the red light reminds you.

It’s really that simple.

These composters are very popular. Carbon Environmental Boutique is the only Canadian store that carries them! 

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Compostio C40 model benefits
4 gallon (15 L) weekly capacity: ideal for a typical family of 3-5 people
Black exterior
Quietest - 47 decibels average
general benefits
Automatic mixing, heating, and air flow
Use indoors or outdoors in a sheltered area
No trash odors, just a mild earthy aroma
Two chamber design: add food any time to the upper chamber, remove compost every 2 weeks from the lower chamber
Hot composting process, 120ªF average: accepts meat, fish, dairy (no worms or fermentation)
Low energy use: about $0.50 / month
100% stainless steel internal components
Internal components madde from food grade metal that will not rust
Size: 20" x 12" x 20"H (50x30x50cm)
Comes with a quick guide, food guide, and instructions to get you started off right out of the box.

Made in the USA
1 year warranty / lifetime filter

20" long x 12" wide x 20" high (50x30x50H cm)
lbs (9.8 kg)
4 gallons per week (15 L), depending on the model.  Ideal for up to 5 people. Add food items any time, any day.
External: use in any location 0-120F (-18C to -50C)
Internal: up to 140F (60C) reactor temperatures
70% or more, volume and weight reduction, due to bio-degrading (composting) and mechanical breakdown
External housing: recyclable, durable, recyclable, energy-efficient APPRO ™ material
Food-grade stainless steel internal components
Used properly, will last many, many years.
power consumption
5 kwh / month - as much as a typical night light. This costs about $0.50 per month, depending on local rates. Uses far less energy than hauling the same amount of waste in a diesel garbage truck.
All NatureMill composters meet or surpass stringent efficiency requirements of California Energy Efficiency Level IV.
Works with North American (110V/120V) or European (220V/240V) power supply. UL and CE compliant.
decibel measurements
All Compostio composters are as quiet or quieter than other kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, or microwave ovens. Most people do not notice the sound above general background noise. After several weeks of normal use the machine breaks in and becomes even quieter. For more sound reduction, keep your NatureMill in a kitchen cabinet, closet, or outdoors. Decibels are a scientific measure of sound. Sound can be highly subjective and varies with the level of compost, background noise, distance, surrounding wall materials, and even temperature. Our standard decibel measurement procedure is a follows:

- The composter is located indoors at room temperature of 68F (20C)
- The composter has been in use for at least 1 week and is warm inside
- Both chambers are half full with compost
- Background (ambient) noise is below 35 decibels
- A high quality decibel meter has been calibration adjusted
- Decibel meter is 6 feet (3m) from the front of the machine, at a height of 3 feet (1.5m)
- Walls of the room are wood, drywall, or plaster (not steel, glass, marble, or tile)
- Center the meter directly in front of the machine
- Take a one minute average (sound level fluctuates over time)


4 gallons per week (15 L), depending on the model. Ideal for up to 5 people. Add food items any time, any day.
foods you can compost
Accepts most foods, even meat, fish, and dairy! The hot composting conditions break down most foods quickly and safely. Avoid hard items such as bones, or fibrous items such as paper, corn cobs, banana peels (cut them) and corn husks. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and related plants cause strong odors, so avoid them or keep your composter outside. The instructions contain a detailed reference sheet with specific examples.
rate of compost production
One batch every 2 weeks, containing approximately 2 gallons (8L), depending on actual usage.
finished product
High nitrogen compost - a soil amendment for lawns, gardens, trees, or potted plants. Compost is ready to use outdoors. As with all compost, it is a good idea to let the compost cure, as it is quite strong at first.

1 year warranty
Naturemill will provide free replacement parts, or repair or replace your unit, at their discretion, for any damage caused by manufacturing defects. Warranty is administered by Compostio directly.

As the units are sold as a final sale, any issues are solved via Compostio Customer Service, troubleshooting, parts or warranty replacement. Please contact and let them know the serial number on the back of or bottom of your unit. They will help you out with fast and efficient service.

NOTE REGARDING EBAY AND UNAUTHORIZED DEALERS: If you buy from an unauthorized dealer, chances are the warranty is already expired or is about to expire. Possibly the product is damaged or defective. Carbon Environmental Boutique is an authorized dealer.

Wipe the hopper and exterior with a moist towel
Rinse the cure tray and drip tray when you empty them
Do not disturb the compost cultures in the reactor chamber
Do not use soaps or chemicals
Generally keep all parts relatively clean

No installation is required
Plug into a standard power outlet
For outdoor use, keep power supply dry