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bro brick - soap classic scents

bro brick - soap classic scents

By bro brick

High quality, vegan, MANmade soap from Alberta, Yeehaw! Check out the many MANLY scents from the dropdown list below. A Carbon staff pick.

barbershop: remember the smell of a 50’s style barbershop? Neither do we, but we imagine it might smell like this

cedar & beer:  made using Alley Kat "Full Moon" beer and infused with cedar oil. Love the smell of fresh cut wood? Then you are going to love this brick

coffee scrub: everyone loves fresh coffee in the morning. This brick will stimulate your senses and scrub your skin clean. Unscented, but made with real coffee

leather scrub: a brick infused with the scent of leather and added coffee grounds. smells like a leather jacket and scrubs like barbed wire (well, it’s actually a coffee scrub). This is the one of the manliest bars on the market

rootbeer: roots, spices and of course, vanilla. This brick of rootbeer is freshing and true to scent, smells just like a tall glass of rootbeer!

rum & coke: It smells like cola gummies and includes a shot of real rum in it. this unique scent will leave you fresh and wanting more

rye & ginger: notes of lemon and lime with a kick of ginger. Perfectly balanced with a shot of canadian rye

wasabi & beer: strong, powerful, this potent brick combines wasabi and beer scents

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