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If you are the creator or manufacturer of a new product that you wish to see sold at Carbon Environmental Boutique, please fill out the following form to submit it to You will be notified within 30 days as to whether or not your product has been accepted. If your product is not accepted, you will be informed of the grounds so that adjustments may be made to your product before re-applying.

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Who will be using your product and for what purpose?

Has the product been designed with environmentally low-impact practices in mind? Describe.

Is this product manufactured, grown or harvested in a sustainable or organic way? Describe.

Has the product been created to address safety and health considerations of its users, above and beyond current industry standards? Describe.

Is the product certified by an organic, stewardship, fair trade or other governing body? If yes, provide details.

Does this product reduce consumption? (of water, energy, harmful chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, virgin materials) Describe.

Is this product made from reused, reclaimed, renewable or recovered sources? Describe.

At the end of its life cycle can this product or its components be reused, recycled or composted? Describe.

Is the product made in an ethical way, that is, no sweatshop labour, no child labour, etc. Are the people responsible for its manufacture paid a fair wage and trained to employ safe labour practices? Please detail how you can verify your claim.

Does the company offering the products support charity initiatives, give back to its community, have a light environmental footprint? Describe.

Does the product contain synthetic or petroleum-based ingredients? Does the product contain any ingredients/components that you are unsure of the nature of?

Does the product contain harmful chemicals or emit VOCs? Describe.

How does the product enhance one's appreciation of nature, threatened environments or mindful living?

Where is the product made?

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