Carbon Environmental Boutique Retail Store and E-Store

At Carbon Environmental Boutique we believe in making a greener, healthier lifestyle easily attainable. Here’s how.

Putting it all under one roof
Everything from organic make-up to hardwood flooring can be found at Carbon Environmental. Unlike other stores which may have a shelf or two dedicated to green products, at our store every item celebrates sustainable living, ethical manufacture and freedom from toxins.

We extensively research each product so that our guests may rest assured that each product meets the highest standards. To read our product review process, please click here.

There is much concern that going green costs more. At Carbon Environmental this is simply not the case. We firmly believe that if green products are priced high above conventional products, going green no longer remains a choice. We want people to choose green, so we keep our prices low.

The staff of Carbon Environmental is comprised of helpful, considerate individuals - not businessmen and not salespeople. Trained to provide information, rather than to sell, each guest is accorded the respect necessary to decide whether a product is right for them without coercion. No matter where you are on your journey, our circle of employees is ready to support and assist you. Please click here to contact us.

Green Graphic Design Services

El Designo designed the store space and marketing materials for Carbon Environmental Boutique. For this one project these talented artists created an identifiable logo that show the greening of a gray, carbon-filled emblem, personifying hope for the future. Carbon’s business cards are cut to look like leaves, yet they are tree-free, made entirely of used materials. The graphics of this website are clean and uncluttered, embodying the philosophy of the store – clean products, uncluttered ingredient lists. The design for the retail space of Carbon Environmental also shows attention to detail – products are well-spaced, thoughtfully and peacefully arranged to mirror the courteous mindfulness of conscious living.

The world of print, paperwork and advertising has been historically known to inflict harm on the natural world. Forests have been razed so that we may have office paper and pamphlets. The inks and solvents used in the printing process can have a deleterious effect on waterways. But there is a gentler way to run a business or launch a campaign and El Designo knows the way.

El Designo - using graphic design skills for the greater good.

For holistic graphic design services, please contact El Designo principal Marc Nipp at (780) 444-2203, or email him at