small planet

small planet

 Small Planet Cleaning Products contain the highest quality ingredients and essential oils plus an extra bit of peace, love, and good karma. When you clean with small planet cleaners you are spreading a little bit of peace throughout your home so it can flow out to the rest of the the world. Create world peace starting at home!

We want to change the way people clean and educate them to make better decisions for a healthier planet for everyone.

I have been making non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products for friends and family for the past few years. One day I was in the bathtub when I noticed it was a bit dirty, so I grabbed my squeaky clean scrub and got down to scrubbing - while I was in the tub. It was then that I realized that everyone should clean this way.

You never have to worry about burning your skin or your respiratory system, and washing them down the drain is guilt free because they are biodegradable and they don’t linger around in our atmosphere.

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