glo baby

glo baby

Glo Baby clothing, blankets, bibs and other baby essentials are made from 100% organic cotton.

For nearly 4000 years, cotton has been grown organically, but with the development of pesticides and chemical fertilizers during WWII, this changed. Today insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers are applied to the cotton plant throughout its growing cycle. Conventionally grown cotton has become an increasingly important agricultural commodity and the durable, comfortable, affordable fiber is woven into half of all textiles.

Here are conventional cotton statistics:
• Twenty-five percent of all insecticide in the world is applied to cotton, a non-food crop.
• Two hundred chemicals might be applied to a single plant in one season in the United States. This translates to a third of a pound of chemicals per pound of cotton fiber.
• One and a quarter pounds of agricultural chemicals are used in California to produce the conventionally grown cotton in a single set of queen-sized sheets.

Let’s try an Unconventional Approach

If all cotton were grown organically, the use of insecticides worldwide would be reduced by 25 percent. Now that’s something to cheer about. In addition, by not using chemicals to process the cotton, the natural oils in the cotton are present. These natural oils make the cotton unbelievable soft and give it a beautiful, natural glow.

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